Just a Recommendation

Through this post, I hereby recommend Ray Dalio’s profound book summary animation video (link below).

Playing in the background while I write this post, the linked YouTube video herein inspired me to recommend it to the wonderful people reading this.

As background (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Dalio), Ray Dalio is firmly embedded in the conversation of the world’s most successful hedge fund investors. He is an unmistakable billionaire and doesn’t need to tell anyone that. Son of a jazz musician and homemaker, he is a first generation one-percenter. People of exhorbitant wealth tend to forget how it felt before they were wealthy. Mr. Dalio is a clear exception to that trend.

If you are like me, you enjoy regularly exercising your inspiration muscle. Dalio’s video now has an indefinite spot on my daily or weekly inspiring videos to watch list.

Hats off to him for keeping his perspective even after reaching the zenith of what is sometimes rightfully known as an uppity world.

As someone who is currently looking for the next challenge and opportunities, my strongest takeaway from watching it is finding out what my ego and blind spots are keeping me from seeing.



Non-Political YouTube Series–Day 3

Today’s non-political video features Bill Nye’s affirming and thoughtful response to the question of whether homosexuality can be an evolutionarily developed trait. He answers the question asked and elaborates on his very sensible position. Then, he finishes with a memorable, quotable line. Good job Bill.

Someone very close to me recently accepted his homosexuality and made it known. It was hard for him. His friends and family were accepting, but it made me want to scream exactly what Bill says in this here video from a mountaintop.

The next time someone asks for my position on the issue, I’ll show them this video.

Check it out.