My Own “Year of Yes”

Responding to an iBooks coupon offer, I ordered the first eBook I found somewhat intriguing, Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. I haven’t finished it yet, but have read enough to want to adopt her philosophy. True to its title, Shonda Rhimes memoir is about her deciding to agree to do anything that scares her for a year.
Those not living under a rock knew much about Rhimes before reading this post. I, who does not live under a rock, only knew of her and that she had had some success on TV and maybe in movies. Before starting her book, if I had to guess what Rhimes did, I would have said she was a female comedian, which is about like calling Bo Jackson a fast runner. She has proven herself as a success in multiple facets of TV. Her production company, Shondaland, is an empire. I didn’t know about her before reading the book, but now appreciate her “Year of Yes.”
To risk spoiling the book’s ending for myself, I researched what happened FOR Rhimes as a result of her yes-based lifestyle. I hypothesized that her life became way more exciting once she chose to say yes to everything that scared her for a year. So, I did some research and immediately found a TEDTalk on the same subject of her book According to her talk, her “eating” led to public speaking engagements (on top of the TEDTalk); live acting; and, most significant to her, playing with her daughters on demand. She found that saying yes to playing with her kids, the better every other part of her life became. According to other sources, her “yessing” led to accepting a marriage proposal, answering questions more honestly, and more. All of these things were personal, but carried over to her professional life.
As a trained lawyer and part-time overanalyzer, I have decided to try Rhimes’ philosophy for myself. Nothing remarkable has happened quite yet, but I will be appearing as an extra on a court TV show and a major motion picture soon. That’s a start. Once I start saying yes, like Rhymes, I predict I will have a treasure trove of material to draw from to write future blog posts. So let’s see, I will start with month of yes today (April 15th) and see where this takes me. Stay tuned.


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