Non-Political YouTube Series–Day 6

Vogue’s “73 Questions” series is terrific. If done in real-life, it is a profoundly better way to get to know someone than asking the basic series of questions, such as “where are you from, what college did you go to, where do you work, do you like it, do you have siblings, etc.” Such basic information from that line of questioning tends to come out naturally through the answers to questions like those asked in 73 Questions interviews.

I could have posted most of the other 73 Questions interviews as they are all intriguing, but chose the one with Aziz, because he just can’t help being funny. As is the case in a lot of his performances, he will go for minutes with moderately funny moments and then will smack you with something hilarious. Amy Pohler’s children call him “turkey sandwich.” That is hilarious.




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