Non-Political YouTube Series–Day 5

Today’s non-political is of the humorous sort and may have a few political undertones, but, let’s be real, current politics should be made light of. In fact, humor is likely the single strongest force in keeping freedom of speech alive.  Contrary to what mainstream political reporters and analysts may believe, you don’t fight fire with fire and you don’t beat a bully by bullying him back. I digress.

The Armageddon scenario in today’s video illustrates some dark and mostly hilariously truths about politics, humanity, and pop-culture in a short span of time. This channel generally appeals to my inner college student, but this video tickled a few of my developed funny bones.

Check it out:



Non-Political YouTube Series–Belated Day 4

So I missed a day. If this is any great tragedy for you, I am flattered beyond words.

Without further ado, Day 4’s video comes from a category far away from the political sort. It’s a motivational video.

YouTube is inundated with motivational videos, but, if done right, they can be inspiring. Check this one out.

Non-Political YouTube Series–Day 3

Today’s non-political video features Bill Nye’s affirming and thoughtful response to the question of whether homosexuality can be an evolutionarily developed trait. He answers the question asked and elaborates on his very sensible position. Then, he finishes with a memorable, quotable line. Good job Bill.

Someone very close to me recently accepted his homosexuality and made it known. It was hard for him. His friends and family were accepting, but it made me want to scream exactly what Bill says in this here video from a mountaintop.

The next time someone asks for my position on the issue, I’ll show them this video.

Check it out.

Non-Political YouTube Series–Day 2

This guy’s awesome. 

His multi-character, single actor performances have captured YouTube viewers for a few years now for good reason. He uses basic mashing, background music and blocking to create this suspense fully absurd piece. It goes from combative, to funny, to perverted, to ridiculous and back again. This guy is talented. 
As appreciative of Logan Paul as I am, there must be a place in young Hollywood superstardom for this YouTube / vine to riches actor. Check him out.

Non-political YouTube Series

Youtube’s continued improvements cannot be overlooked. The homepage has a neatly organized overlay showing the most relevant and hottest videos drawn from current events and the user data coming from your computer or phone. It is no surprise that political videos appear prominently on Youtube home page. They are omnipresent.

Lately, I have caught myself watching more political videos than is normal or healthy, which has prompted me to begin a 7-day, self-imposed political video restriction. During this time, I will take in only non-politically themed videos and pick the best one of the day.

Today’s selection is as follows:

As you see, Jerry West appears to be enlightening young basketballers on shooting techniques. He instructs them on the proper dominant-arm shooting position while making it rain inside the arc. Clearly his legendary form is still with him.

Check it out and tell me you don’t feel better than if you had watched a political video.