Cheat Day Journal 2


Much has changed since I published my last post. Simply stated, I moved from southeast Georgia to San Francisco, California. On the day before I left, I enjoyed my most memorable cheat day to date. This was made possible by going to the University Georgia football season opener versus University of North Carolina at the Georgia Dome (1992-2017) in Atlanta. My day was made more complete with an unforgettable meal at a new Atlanta hotspot (See below). Football season brings out the gluttons in all of us. Why should I be any different?!

Here is what I ate and some of what I drank:

(2) 16 oz. glasses of blueberry naked juice

(3) cheese eggs

6-inch Jalapeño pepper jack cheese sausage link

(2) pieces of mixed rye bread toast with fig jelly


Snyder s’more pieces

Blueberry pop tart

16 oz sour apple iced

6 buffalo wings with medium sauce

Zucchini dipped in ranch dressing

(5) sundries tomato pieces

Chocolate chip cookie

Slider hamburger with ketchup

20 oz. Red Powerade 

Footlong hotdog with onions and peppers and mustard

Cookie brownie square

Sweetwater 420 beer

2 bourbon shots chased with coke

Food at Gunshow

My meal (or meals) at Gunshow was unlike any I’ve ever had. If you have eaten there, you know what I mean. The menu at this Inman Park Gem varies daily based what the chefs originate. They prepare unusually delightful dishes which are listed on the menu and offer them to each party. If you deny them, they cross the item off of your menu and do not return. If you accept, you are in for a real treat. There was bone marrow, pork belly, cheddar and Lima bean covered bruschetta, and a lot of other things I liked but can’t remember. The experience surrounding the food is as memorable as the food itself. Plan ahead and get a reservation. You will thank me later.

That concludes my previous cheat day. Due to recent life changes, I am likely to break from reporting every Cheat Day, but that goes along with the Themeless theme.



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