Well Said Garbage Lady!

Shirley MansonAfter his second awards’ show ass-showing in not long enough, Kanye West endured only some of the criticism he deserves for his sideshow at this year’s Grammy’s (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV-ZlHFzQC4).  I do not like criticizing people especially people I don’t know or cannot relate to, but I applaud Shirley Manson’s handling of her recent correspondence with Yeezus (self-proclaimed nickname).

Follow the link to read exactly what she wrote to Kanye/He who shall remain nameless.  https://www.facebook.com/shirleymanson/posts/10152978764241387

She told Kanye to F’off, which was necessary.  What most caught my attention was her sharing of her feelings about fame.  It is rare for a famous person to speak or write publicly about not wanting to be famous.  More importantly, it helped me realize that Manson makes music for the right reasons.  As she claims, she is in it for the love of doing it and not for the fame.

Shirley:  I used to listen to Garbage more in the ’90s, but I promise to add to your play count on Spotify on my way to work tomorrow.


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