Thou Shalt Not Steal–Unless You Work for It

stealing ideasAmerican success stories are often tarnished with sub-plots about the friend that got screwed over (Steve Jobs/Steve Wozniak, Zuckerberg/Winkelvi, etc.).  The person getting all of the credit also gets accused of stealing the idea.

It goes like this: a few people talk about a world-changing vision; next, a smaller number or just one of them gets to work on it and brings the vision to life; and, in the end, the person(s) who did the work gets the majority of the credit.  There are a few more steps involved, but the point is that history is not concerned with who’s idea it was at the beginning.  Frankly, it shouldn’t really matter.

I’m not talking about intellectual property theft–not at all.  Gaining legal protection for ones intellectual property usually involves hard work too.

I am talking about when someone has an idea, but takes little action and someone else does the work to bring it to life.  The one who does the work gets the credit and this is as it should be.

You get what you give.  It’s free to talk about ideas, but usually costs time, money, effort, fun, tears, blood, sweat, relationships, and more to bring something to life. It may have costed one of the above-mentioned years of his life. He deserves the credit for his creation and history agrees.

You get what you work for, not what you wish for.


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