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Guys Making Out on TV

Hola!paul rudd gay kiss saturday night live snl

(Bill Hader and Paul Rudd kissing)

If you know me, you know I almost exclusively watch comedy on TV.  Great serious shows are everywhere, but I usually stick to laughs for my entertainment.

On these comedies, (SNL, Tosh.0) I am starting to notice an increase in men actors making out.  This past SNL, feat. James Franco, included a witty troll skit with he and Kyle Mooney –current cast-member–making out.  It was funny and it doesn’t make them or me gay for liking the scene.  I think this perspective is more commonly shared than it would have been 10 years ago.

I take this as an interesting sign of progress.

It shows that actors are no longer afraid of being chastised for acting as if they are gay.  And, it shows more people are comfortable laughing at or watching two straight actors kissing without having to disclaim their sexuality.    And…. it shows a lot of other progress.

I am straight, but think we are learning that the homo/heterosexuality categorization is a false dichotomy.  More accurately, sexuality exists on a continuum with hetero- on one end and homo- on the other with most people being somewhere in between.

I would probably find myself close to the far end of hetero-, but have always known it’s ok wherever you are on the gay/straight continuum.  Luckily, my upbringing did not bias me against people of different sexualities, but I digress.

I predict we will see more guys doing this on TV in the coming years and will become desensitized to it.  This is fine by me.