Communication Guidelines of 2014–Vine

Back again to write about my current favorite social network, “Vine.”

Being predictable has never been my thing, so I will, again, step outside the original format for this series and simply write about why Vine is awesome.

1.  Everyone can be a star–Now you can be a motion picture legend with only a smartphone and 6 seconds of time.  Some want the money and fame that goes along with being on tv, in movies, or just appearing in motion pictures.  If recording yourself for its own sake makes you excited, here is your chance.

2.  Brevity is your friend–Brevity can be an awesome thing.  I firmly believe everyone is funnier on Twitter, because less is almost always more.  Same applies to Vine.  Vine limits your recorded masterpieces to 6 seconds, so you have no choice but to be short and sweet.

3. Editing Tools–There are ways to ensure your scenes match.  Without really wanting to take the time to explain how this works, one of vine’s tools takes a ghost image and lets you trace back over it in case you want to cut and mash scenes.  Got it?

4. No private information necessary–You do not even have to share your name on Vine. You can simply post 6 second videos.  Your privacy is left in tact by this soon-to-be social media giant.  A 6 second post doth not a person make.  Right?

5. Works in every day life as well as planned productions–The best Vines I have seen range from low budget to carefully planned productions. You do not need a major studio to make a great one.

6. Add music–The audio in your recording may be all that’s necessary to make it a hit. If not, you can add music, which almost always makes everything better unless its Nickelback…. which makes everything perfect.

7. Comment and carry on just like you would any other social media–If you so choose, it is not outlandish to comment on another’s comment and have a conversation below a post. These are actually productive as they are not as numerous as those on facebook usually under baby pictures.

8.  Sharing is easy–Your friends do not have to be on Vine to see your videos.  Vine includes the functionality to share your works of art with non-members with only a little effort.  Sharing a vine post via text requires two clicks.  I realize you can do this on a lot of other sites, but I like how Vine does it too.

9. It’s Stupid–Yep, most of the videos on the site are so stupid they are funny.  I have grown to realize that the hardest way to be funny is at no one else’s expense.  And if you know me at all, you know I like the simpler, less-sophisticated jokes.

So those are but some of the reasons I like Vine.  Follow the link below and become a devout Viner yourself.






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