Communication Guidelines of 2014–Google+

google_plus_logo-386x420-300x294Today this series takes an exciting turn.  This post will cover Google+.

Because the landscape of Google+ is unestablished and, from what I can tell, unblemished, I will simply tell you what I like about it.

Here is what I like:

1.  Non-invasive–It feels oxymoronic to put “Google” and “non-invasive” in the same sentence, but Google+ feels less invasive than any comparable social network.  If we pretend Google+ is the only thing Google makes, Google+ doesnt ask for much.  It only asks for your name and picture and doesn’t make it awkward if that’s all you want to share.  It does not appear incomplete if you just add your name and picture.  It is facebook’s opposite, which I say with full knowledge that Google gathers all of my life’s vital information somewhere else and is probably watching me right now.

2.  Easy on the Eyes–It’s Newsfeed, to borrow from Facebook, is two columns and has a simple interface.  It’s easy to read because there are not a lot of words there.  Take notes Facebook!

3.  Following means very little–Sending friend or follow requests on other networks usually implies more, however big or small, than just asking someone to look at your page.  You are connected.  All following someone on Google+ means is that you follow them on Google+.

4.  No F.O.M.O here–Every time I get on Google+, I see something fascinating.  Generally, this doesnt involve pictures of someone’s lunch or their Baby’s 7th posted close-up in as many minutes.  You don’t miss your friend’s “precious” moments by not checking Google+ every two minutes.  You can come and go as you please. It’s not weird if you want to post something every few weeks and go on living your life.

5. I really like Google+ despite my full acknowledgement that Google+ knows everything about me and you and everyone in the world.  Do they know about this post? Probably, but I promise, I speak the truth
in saying I like Google+ more than the others.

Stay tuned for the next Post when I share my deepest feelings about the 6 second video sharing sensation known as “Vine.”


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