Communicating in 2014–LinkedIn

Soooooo, I had the revelation that recording a video is quicker and doesn’t require as many edits. I put this together with it in mind that you may have your own guidelines for linkedin.

Please share.


Communication Guidelines of 2014–Snapchat

We arrived!  Since you are so perceptive, it goes without saying that I am changing the “Rules” part of the titles in this series to “Guidelines.”

“Rules” are just too constricting.  My aim is to enhance your life one blog post at a time not tell you how to live it.

Sooooooooooo, the post we’ve all been waiting for.   It’s time to talk about the sexting app that seems to have replaced text messaging.  Not even the would-have-been $3 billion dollar owners could have predicted the widespread popularity this evidence hiding app has enjoyed this year.

Because we are all into trying new things especially on Snapchat, my hope is to provide you with some guidance.  Not rules this time.

1.  Stills vs. Videos–The difference in stills and videos can make a world of difference.  Take videos of moving things and pictures of still things.  There’s more I can say here, but you get it.

2.  Those you Trust–I sincerely hope you are as lucky as I am to have those you can trust not to share anything with when asked.  This is especially important given the temptation to risk completely humiliating yourself and putting your future in jeopardy in exchange for a memorable less than 10 second video.  Sending these pics can be awesome for all, but make sure you know who you should send these to. Keep in mind the screenshot feature and the new apps that save everything on snapchat.  I consider myself to have a lot of trusted snapchatters and I would only send some of my videos and pics to about 3 people.

3.  Not just for sexting–For those of you not familiar with or new to snapchat, rest assured that completely G-Rated pictures pass through Snapchat multiple times an hour.  I have plenty of lame food pics (more on this later) to prove it).  You do not have to be a pervert to use Snapchat.

4.  Weird things needed–Most of these guidelines/rules are should implicitly remind you that Snapchats disappear.  You have less than 10 seconds to make an impression, so the weirder the better.  If nothing strange happens around you move around.

5.  Less unremarkable Food–You loyal readers know the way to my heart is not by putting your Wednesday night chicken and vegetables on the internet.  In fact, most food pictures are stupid.  If we are fortunate enough, our five senses let us see, smell, taste, hear, and touch.  Despite what some people think these days, food is for tasting and that’s about it.  In sum, put food pics on snapchat if it looks cool.  When in doubt, just eat it and tell us about it.

6.  less repetition–Some snapchatters send what look like multiples of prior snaps(?)  This is cool if you live in Coastal California or are the most interesting man/woman in the world.  Otherwise, keep the snaps under 10 per day if you want your snapchatters to get excited when you send something.  The gravitas of your snaps goes up if you focus on quality not quantity.

7.  Not all Dog pics are equal–I love dogs.  I love dogs so much that I would probably hate cats even if they were as special as they think they are.  Dog pics are often appropriate when a dog does something cute or hilarious or licks its privates.  Running around in a circle need not be recorded and added to your story.

8.  Less unremarkable pics–Rule 6 speaks to this.  It doesnt have to be remarkable to everyone.  In fact, you are probably a good judge of remarkability, so use your remarkability meter and see if what you are snapping is cool or funny enough to share.  Cool or funny…..I like that.

9.  Videos at Concerts–Concerts are life enhancing in so many ways.  You should take pictures, but these may be more suitable for instagram or a video player that lasts longer than 10 seconds.  We usually can’t hear the performer and the video usually ends right before we can tell you are front row at the One Direction show.

10.  “Not a bad day…..–We have friends who need not balance their work play life because they get to play at work.  This is cool if you work at GoogleX.  Having a beer at lunch or wine at 4 on Friday in the break room is becoming commonplace.  Just tell us about it later.

So there you have it.  I would love to read anything you have to say.  Thank you to the new followers.  I have and will enjoy having you. Talk next week.

P.S. As you see I included a screenshotted snapchat picture of my face a little closer up than the one on my profile.  I know you are relieved to see more of my face.