Key and Peele–Smart Stupidity

If you are a person and have been awake and connected since 2012, you probably noticed the buzz surrounding Comedy Central’s “Key and Peele.”  Apparently, those giving out the Peabody Awards watched too.  Without delaying my opinion, you should know I am a fan.  Anyone can be a critic, so I will just tell you why they are different and better.

These two sketch-comedy artists refined the racially-sensitive comedic genre made popular by the Great Dave Chappelle.  For the residual racists of the world, the joke is still on you, but I digress.

To explain, a majority of their skits are purposefully stupid in a way that reason cannot capture.  From two gangsters who find common ground in their love for the Twilight series, to the invention of another word (“Nooice“) that means “good,” they the smartest idiots on television.  They seem to always find the line of the absurd, stand on it, and then leap miles past it.

Telling another person one sentence about one of their skits is usually laughable in itself.  Then you watch it and see the physicalities (proper use of the word) and mannerisms of Keegan (Key) and Jordan (Peele) and it is perfectly dumbfounding and hilarious.  This is a feat only often matched by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

I find solace in the fact that you have to see them in their dialogue first to understand that they are dumbing themselves down to play most of their parts.  In other words, they are smart, but know how to act more foolish than most.  At least a handful of their sketches touch the Jerry Seinfeld genre of making fun of commonly accepted events, habits and seemingly sensical everyday lives (See embedded “Continental Breakfast” video)

They know they are being stupid. If you know they are being stupid, then they know that you know they are being stupid.

Someone probably said this before, but “it takes a lot of smarts to be that stupid.”






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