First Post–Long Awaited, Not Overdue


Time for my first post.  I received the e-mail today, so I canNOT put this off any longer.

The voluminous chatter of sometimes funny, sometimes serious, and often non-sensical possible blog entries in my head will be organized on WordPress in a way that you can understand.  For two weeks, I labored and wrestled with the subject and scope of my first piece.  What do I want to say?  How much do I want to say about it? and how do I want to say that?

I don’t hang out with a lot of other artists or authors, but this getting it on paper may be hardest part.  If you read, you can expect bloggings about things I like and insights about goings on of things in general.

So…there it is; my first post.  BOOM!  Stay tuned.  There’s more where that came 1




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